Assam Rifles Raising Day 2022- Assam Current Affairs

Assam Rifles Raising Day is observed every year on March 24 in India to celebrate and honour the Assam rifles who served the country in a number of conflicts including both the World Wars. Assam Rifles Raising Day 2022 marks the 187th raising day of Assam Rifles which are also the oldest paramilitary force of India. It dates back to 1835 under the British Raj.

Assam Rifles is the oldest branch of the Indian Army which dates back to 1835 under the British Raj in India. At that time, it was raised under the name ‘Cachar Levy’. The present name ‘Assam Rifles’ has been used only since 1917. Assam Rifles was established in the Assam region back in 1835 as a police unit to protect the settlements against the tribal raids as well as other assaults as the Britishers slowly moved towards the northeast parts of India.