CTET Notes on Social Science Free PDF || The Delhi Sultans

In CTET Exam, the Social Studies section comprises a total of 60 questions of 60 marks, in which 40 questions come from the content section i.e.History, Geography, and Political Science, and the rest 20 questions from the Social Studies Pedagogy section. Here, we are providing important Complete study notes on Social Studies which will be very helpful for upcoming CTET and other teaching exams.

CTET Notes on History- The Delhi Sultans


Delhi first became a capital and an important center for business during the Tomars and the Chauhans, between the years 1100 and 1200. After 1200, Delhi was ruled by Sultans who were originally invaders and rulers from Persia and Central Asia.

Delhi Sultanate Dynasties-

  1. Slave Dynasty (1206 to 1290)
  2. Khaliji Dynasty (1290 to 1320)
  3. Tughlaq Dynasty (1320 to 1414)
  4. Sayyid Dynasty (1414 to 1451)
  5. Lodi Dynasty (1451- 1526)

Delhi: Becoming a Capital

-Delhi became the capital of a kingdom for the first time under the rule of the Tomara Rajputs. And it became a major commercial center during the reign of the Chauhans and the Tomaras.

-Many temples were built in Delhi by the rich Jaina merchants who lived there. Coins called ‘dehliwal’ were also manufactured and circulated there.

-The Sultans of Delhi built many cities, such as Dehli-i Kuhna, Siri, and Jahanpanah, in the large area that we now call Delhi.

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