CTETNotes on Social Studies Free PDF || IN THE EARLIEST CITIES

In CTET Exam, the Social Studies section comprises a total 60 questions of 60 marks, in which 40 questions come from the content section i.e.History, Geography and Political Science and the rest 20 questions from Social Studies Pedagogy section. Here, we are providing important Complete study notes on Social Studies which will be very helpful for upcoming CTET and other teaching exams.


The Story of Harappa

  • 150 years ago, railway lines were being laid down for the first time in Punjab
  • they used high-quality bricks from the Harappa site
  • These cities were found in Punjab and Sind in Pakistan and in Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab in India

 Cities were divided into two parts

 ■ Parts to the west were smaller and higher-Citadel

■ Parts to the east were lower and larger- Lower Town

– Special buildings were found inside the citadel, in Mohenjodaro, the archaeologists call them as Great Bath

■ It was lined with bricks coated with plaster and made watertight with the layer of tar

■ There were steps leading to it from two sides

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