President’s rule in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyar recommended the imposition of President’s rule in Maharashtra after Shiv Sena failed to prove the majority within its given deadline and the BJP refused to form government saying it had fewer numbers.


President’s rule has been imposed in Maharashtra for the third time since the state came into existence in May 1960. However, this is the first time that it has been imposed due to the inability of the political parties to coordinate and get majority support after state assembly elections.

What is President’s rule?
The President’s rule means direct rule of the central government and suspension of state government’s rule.
When is President’s rule imposed in a state?
The President’s rule is imposed after invoking Article 356 of the Indian constitution. It is imposed on the recommendation of Governor in two cases:
1. In case of failure of constitutional machinery
2. If a state legislature is unable to function according to constitutional provisions
Why has President’s rule been imposed in Maharashtra?
The non-formation of government after assembly elections and political instability as a result of the failure of coalition and coordination is also considered as a failure of constitutional machinery.
What is the duration of President’s rule?
The President’s rule is imposed for a minimum duration of six months and a maximum duration of 3 years but it has to be approved by the Parliament after every six months.
When can the President’s rule be revoked?
The President’s rule can be revoked whenever a party is able to prove its majority and submit letters of support.