Assam High School TET 2019- 30 Most Important Phrases and Idioms

Assam High School TET 2019- We have prepared some important Phrases and Idioms for upcoming Assam High School TET 2019. We will share model questions of English section. PDF link is also given below you can download the file.

30 Most Important Phrases and Idioms

Download PDF of Phrases and Idioms

  1. To Turn Over a New Leaf
  • To change the old habits and adopt new ones.
  1. A Snake in the Grass
  • Secret or hidden enemy.
  1. Hobson’s Choice
  • Accept or leave the offer
  1. To Keep the ball rolling
  • To keep the thing
  1. To have Brush with
  • To have a slight encounter
  1. At the eleventh hour
  • At the last minute
  1. Through thick and thin
  • Through days of struggle
  1. In a nutshell
  • In a simple and brief manner
  1. Hard of hearning
  • Deaf
  1. Pulling someone’s leg
  • Befooling Someone
  1. All that glitters are not gold
  • Things are not always as attractive as they appear
  1. A Bolt from the Blue
  • Something completely unexpected that surprises you
  1. Call at
  • Visit (to come to meet)
  1. Call out
  • To shout, Utter suddenly
  1. Call upon
  • To order (Ex-You will be called upon in the court to give evidence)
  1. Call in
  • To get someone to come and do a job
  1. Call off
  • Cancel, End
  1. Call On
  • Ask for help
  1. Give cold shoulder
  • To ignore
  1. Afraid of one’s own shadow
  • To become easily frightened
  1. A bird’s eye view
  • A view from a very high place that allows you to see a very large area
  1. Let the cat out of the bag
  • To reveal the secret carelessly or by mistake
  1. To beat about the bush
  • Talk irrelevantly
  1. A hard nut to crack
  • A difficult problem
  1. with flying colors
  • Be highly successful
  1. To hit the Jackpot
  • To get an enexpected victory
  1. A lady’s man
  • A lover of woman company
  1. To be rolling in money
  • Very rich
  1. Die in harness
  • Die while still working
  1. Under his thumb
  • Under his control