Fani Cyclone-Do’s and Don’ts to keep save

Tropical Cyclone Fani is India’s strongest cyclone in 20 years. 5 people died in Odisha in the cyclone FANI. In Puri, this cyclone makes and landfall on 3 May with the speed of 200kmph. The weather report says that now cyclone Fani will move to North East along with Bangladesh. At this time we should calm and not be panic. Many rumors being circulated on social media app. So, at this time what should we do and don’t are mentioned below:

Fani Cyclone Do’s and Don’ts

What Should We Do:

  • First of all, don’t panic and avoid rumors.
  • Don’t be so sure at the news of social media. Rely only on government warning.
  • Prepare an emergency kit of essential items necessary for survival, such as dry food, medicines, flashlight, etc.
  • Store documents and other valuables in waterproof containers.
  • Untie cattle/animals to ensure safety.
  • Switch off electrical mains, gas supply
  • Drink boiled/chlorinated water

What We Shouldn’t Do:

  • Don’t enter damaged buildings
  • Don’t stay under a tree.
  • Don’t venture out to the sea and river.
  • Don’t rely on unofficial news.
  • Don’t leave sharp object loose.