GU B.Ed Entrance 2019- Art & Culture of India-Important GK Questions (Part I)

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Art & Culture of India


There are two types of classical music:

  1. Hindustani Music
  • The dhrupad is the ancient form of Hindustani music.
  • Raja Pan Singh Tomar played a significant role in the development of Dhrupad.
  1. Carnatic/ Karnatak
  • The three stages are ragam, tanam and pallavi.
  • Kriti is the most popular form of Karnatak music.
  • Carnatic vocalist- G.N. Balasubramaniam

Some of the most popular Music Instrument are listed below:

  • Drums • Trumpets • Sankh • Veena • Tamboora • Sarangi • Dilruba • Matki • Jaltarang • Indian Orchestra

Names Instruments



Ali Akbar Khan, Amjad Ali Khan


Bismillah Khan


Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia


L. Subramaniam


Bundu Khan




P.Mani Iyer


Ravi Sankar


Zakir Hussain



Folk Songs

  • Kashmir – Sufi, Ghazal, Choral music
  • Punjab – Bhangra (dance-oriented)
  • Chhattisgarh – Bhartari Gayan (story of a king)
  • West Bengal – Baul (songs of love)
  • Madhya Pradesh – Aalha (a heroic ballad)
  • Rajasthan – Folk music related with specific castes.
  • Gujrat – Dandiya (dance-oriented folk music)
  • Maharashtra – Owi (sung during leisure time)
  • Goa – Suvari (sung during a wedding)
  • Tamil Nadu – Naatupura Paatu.
  • Bihar – Sohar (performed during childbirth).
  • Assam – Zikir (teaching of Islam).
  • Arunachal Pradesh – Ja-Jin-Ja (sung during marriages).
  • Manipur – Khongjom Parva (musical narration of the battle of Khongjom).

MCQ on Indian Music

  1. The theory of classical music is discussed in

(a) Samaveda

(b) Yajurveda

(c) Rigveda

(d) Atharvaveda

2. Raga ‘Lajwanti’ was composed by _________?

a) Ustad Ali Akbar Khan 

b) Sheryl Crow

c) Hank Marvin

d) Belinda Carlisle

3. Which of the following musical instruments is of Indian origin?

a) Guitar

b) Drums

c) Piano

d) Flute

4. Which one of the following musical instrument is not Indian origin?

(a) Flute

(b) Sarod

(c) Veena

(d) Guitar

5. Which playback singer has been awarded the Bharat Ratna, the nation’s highest civilian honor?

a) Ustad Ali Akbar Khan 

b) Sheryl Crow

c) Hank Marvin

d) Lata Mangeshkar


Answers are:  1(A), 2(A), 3(D), 4(D), 5(D)

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