NIOS D.El.Ed Workshop Based Activity Course 513 Answers/Solutions. Annual Activity Calendar with Cover Page and Rating Scale.

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Hello Teachers, We are providing NIOS D.El.Ed solutions of Assignment, Lesson Plan, Workshop Based Activity etc. If you want to know the solution/ format of lesson plan, WBA then you are at right place. You will get complete PDF file with answer. In this PDF file you will be able to download “Annual Activity Calendar” from the course 513.3 (WBA) with cover page and rating scale.

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Annual Activity Calendar

Annual school calendars are typically structured to respond to diverse
demands, including alignment with important cultural events, coordination with
other parts of the education system, and convenience of the parents and

of School:                                                                                                             
Class– I
to V

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Second Year Workshop based Activity is of 4 credits 100 marks. Activities are mentioned below:

1.Concept Mapping in any two subjects- Language, Maths, EVS, Sc/S.Sc
2. Acting on Art, Physical & Health and work Education
3. Analysis of Time Table/Annual Activity Calendar
4. School Community Relationship
5. Seminer Presentation
6. Participation on Process Evaluation