Guidelines for Exam Center, Admit Card, Result, Evaluation of the NIOS D.El.Ed Examination, 2018

Guidelines for Centre Superintendents for
Conduct of D.El.Ed. Examinations

Fixation and allotment of Examination Centres

1 The Nodal officer of the State would identify the
Examination Centre for a
      particular examination.
2 The Nodal Officer of the State with the help of the
State Government shall arrange
       to provide the centre acceptance from the
school/institutions proposed to be
      established as examination centre and consent from the
      Magistrate/Collector/Commissioner/District Education
Officer/any officer
      authorized by the State for custody and delivery of the
question paper at
      examination centre on the prescribed proforma (Annexures I
and II) along with a
      consolidated list of examination centres and custodian of
question paper on a excel
      sheet at least forty five days prior to commencement of the
3 The Nodal Officer of the State and Regional Director of
NIOS shall finalize the
      examination centre within 07 days from the last date of the
registration for a
      particular examination. The same has to be forwarded to
Evaluation Department of
      NIOS, Hq.
4 Evaluation Department of NIOS, Hq shall examine and
finalize the Centre
      Notification and in case of any anomaly is found the same
will be addressed with the
      help of Regional Director of NIOS and State Nodal Officer.
5 NIOS will generate the Hall Ticket. This will be made
available on NIOS Website
      as well as Regional Centre of NIOS websites at least 10 days
before the
      commencement of the examinations.
     Guidelines for Centre Superintendents for Theory
Examinations 4 NIOS
6 The learners need to carry the hall ticket downloaded
from NIOS website and the
      original ID to appear in the examination.
Conduct of Practical Examination i.e. School Based
Activities (SBA), Workshop Based
Activities (WBA) and Practice Teaching (PT)
1 The coordinator of the Study Centre shall be responsible
for conduct of all the
      practical activities, as per the schedule of the teaching
learning process and
      programme guide/guideline for conduct of the practical
examination for D.El.Ed
2 The coordinator of Study Centre shall evaluate all the
practical activities and keep a
      record of marks / grade awarded on log register.
3 The NIOS Hq shall develop and provide the online
facility to all the respective
      Centres to record the Practical Marks i.e. SBA, WBA and PT.
For this purpose the
      Coordinator of the Study’s Centre shall be provided with
Login ID and Password to
      do so.
4 The Coordinator of the Study’s Centre shall use the
online facility to record the
      relevant Practical Marks /Absentees of the practical
examinations against the
      enrolment and submit within 10 days from last date of the
Theory Examination.
5 No payment has to be made to the Study Centre for the
conduct of Practical
      Examination i.e. SBA, WBA and PT.
 Secrecy of Answer Books and Spot Evaluation of
Examinations (Theory)
1 The Regional Centre of NIOS shall identify and engage
required number of
     qualified resource persons for the conduct of Secrecy and
Spot Evaluation of answer
    books at the Regional Centre concerned after due approval
from the Headquarters.
2 The Secrecy and Spot Evaluation work has to be completed
within 30 days from the
    last date of the examinations.
3 After the evaluation work is completed, the duly
completed and signed award slips
   must be despatched to the Director (Evaluation), NIOS, Hq
and should ensure the
    receiving of all the awards by the Hq within 35 days from
the last date of
Processing and Declaration of Result
1 Evaluation Department of NIOS, Hq shall make all
necessary arrangements for the
   processing and declaration of the result within 45 days from
the last date of the
   examination. The result shall be declared and will be
displayed on NIOS website.
Rechecking and Re-evaluation of Answer Books (Theory)
 In case a learner is
not satisfied with the result, he/she may apply for rechecking or
re-evaluation of Answer Books. The re-checking and
re-evaluation application must
be applied online within 15 days from the date of the
declaration of result.
Following is the fees structure for rechecking and
re-evaluation :
  1 Re-checking – Rs.300/- (Rupees Three Hundred only)
  2 Re-evaluation – Rs.800/- (Rupees Eight Hundred only)
Seeking Photocopy of Answer Books (Theory)
In case, a learner is not satisfied with the result and
wishes to check his/her performance in
the examination, he/she may apply to obtain photocopy of the
Answer Books from NIOS.
For this purpose, the learner has to apply for the same
within a period of 15 days from the
date of the declaration of result with fee of Rs.700/-
(Rupees Seven Hundred only).
Discrepancy in the result and result correction
In case a learner finds any discrepancy in the result, the
same may be reported with a
written complaint to the concerned Regional Centre of NIOS
within 15 days from the date
of the declaration of result for its verification and
 Certification, Printing and Distribution of Certificates
   1 After the declaration of the result of a particular
public examination, the result and
     digital marks statement will be made available on NIOS
website which can be seen
     and downloaded by the candidate/study centre concerned.
  2 The printed marks-statement and pass certificate would
be issued and despatched to
      the concerned Regional Centre of NIOS along with the result
gazette after a
     candidate becomes eligible for certification in the course.
  3 The Regional Centre of NIOS shall forward the relevant
documents to the study
      centre concerned for its distribution to the learners.
(i) Intimation Letter/Hall Ticket downloaded from NIOS
website or special permission
issued by the NIOS HQ/Regional Centre
(ii) Valid Identity card issued by NIOS – If Admission
card/Identity card of the learner is
lost, duplicate copy may be downloaded from NIOS website
before appearing in the
(iii) Pen, pencil, ink and other stationery items required
to be used by the Learners for the
examination – Only royal blue or black ink is to be used,
except that red ink may be used
for writing heading in the answers. No other ink is
permissible. Ball point pens are also
Electronic equipments like calculator, tape recorder,
cellular phone, pager, Ear Phone,
Bluetooth etc. are not allowed in the Examination Hall.
However, in the case of learners
with disabilities, 
*The Examination Hall will be opened 15 minutes before
time on each day specified for the
  commencement of the examination. No learner who is late by
more than 30 minutes shall be
  allowed to appear in the examination.(refer to Chapter 8)
* As the Question Papers will be bi-lingual i.e. English
and Hindi; and English and selected
   Regional Language, seating arrangements may be made as per
the medium opted by the
   examinees. A chart depicting the Room wise Seating Plan with
Roll No. of the learners
   allotted to each room should be prominently displayed at the
entrance of the Exam Centre.
   A seat marked with his Roll Number will be allotted to each
learner. Learners will be required
   to find and occupy their allotted seats. Learners with
disabilities having difficulty in locating
   the same may be provided assistance.
* No learner, without the permission of the Invigilators
shall leave his/her seat or the
   Examination Hall during the examination. No learner shall
speak without permission. If it is
   necessary for the learner to communicate with the
Invigilator, he/she shall stand up in his/her
   place for Invigilator to see to his/her requirement.
However, relaxation in this regard may be
   given to learners with disabilities.
* Before beginning the paper, the learner should write the
(i) subject (ii) date and day (iii)
  question paper set number (iv) question paper code number
and (v) medium of answer on
  the OMR front page of the Answer Book.
Guidelines for Centre Superintendents for Theory
*All Question Papers will be bi-lingual i.e. English and
Hindi; and English and selected Regional
   Language. However, the learners are allowed to write the
answer in any one language (except
   language paper) included in the eighth schedule of the
Indian Constitution. The learner has to
    write the medium/language of answering questions on the
specified space in the Answer Book.
* If a learner writes his/her Roll No. or puts any special
mark in any part of the Answer-Book
    other than the space provided for the purpose, he/she will
render himself/herself liable to have
    his paper cancelled.
* On the expiry of time, the answer book must be handed
over to the Invigilator even though
    the learner may not have answered any part of the paper.
* Answers shall only be written in the answer book
supplied to the learner and on both sides
    of the paper. No learner shall tear out a leaf or part
thereof from the answer book. No additional
    Answer Book shall be issued.
* Smoking or Chewing tobacco or use of alcohol is
strictly prohibited at the Examination
   Centre. Learner found doing so during the course of the
Examination shall be liable to be
   expelled from the Examination Centre by the Centre
Superintendent. Learner found drunk
   alcoholic or any intoxicating drug will not be allowed into
the examination hall.
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